Messages from The Father
Messages from The Father


Attend this church, talk to that pastor, join this bible study group, read these religious books, take a yoga class, try meditating …… When you are trying to grow your faith in God and your spirituality level, people will offer up many suggestions to you; but are any of these the right answers for you? If you’ve tried some of these ideas and you don’t seem to be progressing in your relationship with the good Lord, then you need to read these ‘spiritual messages’ to get some clear direction for your life. God has a plan for each and every one of us; but since we are all unique in God’s eyes, so too can be our relationship with Him. Read more

About Norman L. Reuter

Norman Reuter is a semi-retired dad to five children, has five grandchildren, and lives in the Chicago northwest suburbs. After experiencing a Catholic Cursillo weekend (3-day spiritual retreat) in Chicago, back in 1995, some amazing things have happened in his life which he wants to share with you.
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Excerpt from the Book

Back in the middle of 1998, my sister and brother-in-law had taken some courses in Landmark Education...
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